4 Causes of Atopic Eczema

Atopic eczema is an allergic reaction that causes a rash-like allergic reaction that is itchy and causes inflammation. Atopic eczema develop in most people develop before the age of five, and one in 20 adults suffers from the condition. The causes atopic eczema could not be identify, but there are different factors that contribute to the condition. It has no cure, but can be managed using medication, home remedies and lifestyle changes.

1.Low Lipid Barrier

It is stated that people with atopic eczema have a lower lipid skin barrier. The lipid skin barrier is the oily substance on the skin that protects it from dangerous substances. A lower lipid barrier leads to dry skin which can cause atopic eczema to flare up. Using a Moisturizer on a regular basis is the highly suggested to maintain proper moister in the skin. (click link for “Eczema Treatment – Now You Can Re-Hydrate Your Dry Skin“)


Combination of the individual’s immune system and genetics can cause atopic eczema. Children with parents who have allergies or asthma are more likely to develop eczema in early childhood. Eczema outbreaks are due to an overreaction from the immune system.

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3. Allergies

Atopic eczema can outbreak as a result of allergens. Common allergens which can cause eczema are seasonal allergies, environmental allergies and food allergies. Seasonal allergies are commonly related to mold and pollen. During springtime, plants bloom and release pollen into the air that can cause an allergic reaction. Environmental allergies include dust, pet dander and household mold spores. Common food allergies related to atopic eczema are nuts, diary and some seafood.

4. Irritants

Irritants can aggravate the skin and cause an eczema reaction. Most common irritants that needed to be taken into consideration are soaps, detergents, tobacco smoke and air pollution. The use of hypoallergenic body soap and laundry detergents is recommended. Distance yourself for people taking tobacco. Home air filter is recommended to purify the air from airborne irritants. Excessive heat can also cause an atopic eczema flare-up. So, wear loose fitting, cotton clothing.

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