Latex Contact Dermatitis: How to Get Rid of It ?

If your body reacted to some proteins on the natural rubber latex by forming inflammation, so, you are suffering from latex contact dermatitis. Latex is a product synthetically made with a milky fluid from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). This plant is usually cultivated in Southeast Asia and Africa. Since the latex material is actually not harmful, if you have a latex contact dermatitis, it means that your body mistakes latex material as a harmful substance.

Contact Dermatitis

Latex contact dermatitis allergic reactions can be different from just sneezing and having runny nose until having anaphylaxis which could be a fatal condition to your body. You can discuss with your doctor to know whether you already have latex contact dermatitis or if you have a big risk to develop it. By understanding latex contact dermatitis and being familiar with frequent sources of latex, you would be able to start to cure and prevent allergic reactions.

Latex Contact Dermatitis

How to Trigger Latex Contact Dermatitis Allergy ?

Latex contact dermatitis allergy can be activated principally by two behaviors. First is by direct contact. Direct contact like wearing latex gloves or being in contact with other products containing latex would be enough to trigger your allergy. Direct contact is the most common reason of latex allergy.

Latex Contact Dermatitis hand

The second way is through inhalation. You can trigger latex contact dermatitis allergy by simply breathe into latex particles in the environment around you. Some latex products especially gloves, usually drop great quantity of latex particles which turn into airborne and will start you allergy just by inhaling it.

Latex Contact dermatitis

Latex-containing Products

A number of the most frequent used latex products that can be found almost everywhere. The products that we used at home also originated from latex like carpeting, dishwashing gloves, clothing waistbands, hot water bottles, rubber toys, balloons, disposable diapers, diaphragms, baby bottle nipples, rubber bands, condoms, erasers, racket handles, swimming goggles, sanitary pads, bicycle and motorcycle handgrips.

Latex Contact Dermatitis

What You Can Do to Prevent Latex Contact Dermatitis Allergy

You can begin to prevent triggering latex effect by reducing your direct contact to mentioned materials. You have to limit your contact with the latex products carefully. Most latex products have alternatives that have the similar function but fewer the latex component.

Latex Contact Dermatitis

If your job requires you to come in contact with latex, you should talk about your condition with your employer. Besides, when you are anywhere inside a healthcare institution, you should tell those health professionals you come in contact with that you have latex contact dermatitis allergy, like doctors, nurses, therapists and other, because most gloves in hospitals are made out of latex.

Latex Contact Dermatitis

If you have latex contact dermatitis allergy, the best way to prevent it from coming is probably by talking the medical expert. There will be many way that they can recommend to you so that you can manage to avoid latex contact on your everyday life. You can also ask the experts how to deal with your latex contact dermatitis if suddenly it happens.

Allergic Dermatitis Symptoms and Treatment

Allergic dermatitis symptoms usually include extreme amounts of itchiness as well as other problems with the skin. The inflammation that results from allergic contact dermatitis is usually worsened when you scratch it as well, which is one of the most difficult parts about it. Those who suffer from this problem generally can treat it at home. In severe cases though, especially those in which the irritated area does not go down within a week or so, one should contact their doctor for further advice.

Allergic Dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis is a skin disease that is caused by an allergic reaction to a specific irritant. Many people have tree allergies, latex allergies, topical medication allergies and others that can cause this kind of problem. If a person has a history of allergies then they are much more likely to contract allergic dermatitis than those who do not have allergies otherwise. Also, a person’s response to different irritants can change in severity over time depending on how allergic they are to the irritant. Often the allergic reaction of the skin will be delayed up to 24-48 hours as well. An allergic reaction also may not occur with the first use as some items can cause the problem after prolonged exposure.

The skin problems that arise from allergic dermatitis can vary in both severity and the type of problem depending on the person. In some cases, people develop lesions, redness, rashes, pimple-like papules, vesicles and blisters. Often these lesions will be oozing or crusty as well. While the skin inflammation is worse, it can cause swelling of the skin, tenderness of the affected area, and extra skin warmth. If you are having a skin problem and are unsure what it is, you can always use allergic dermatitis pictures to compare your problem. There are a variety of allergic dermatitis pictures available on the internet to compare with.

Allergic dermatitis

The disease can be somewhat difficult to treat. In many cases, doctors will tell you to do nothing but let it go away on its own. A damp cloth should be applied shortly after the skin problem first shows to make sure that all of the irritant has been removed from the area. Thereafter, the affected area can also be treated with topical corticosteroids, but overuse of the topical corticosteroids can also cause skin problems. Doctors may also prescribe tacrolimus ointment or pimecrolimus cream to assist with the healing process. Anti-itch medications, as well as wet dressings and drying lotions are also often used so that you do not continue to irritate the effected area by scratching it.

Allergic dermatitis is a very common disease that affects millions of people every year. If you are aware of what you are allergic to though, it should not be too difficult to avoid. That being said, when you do have a flare up of the skin problem and it persists be sure to contact your doctor. With the right treatment, you should be able to reduce your allergic dermatitis symptoms.