Eczema Home Treatment: Four Simple Steps for “Eczema-Proofing” Your Home

Sure, an eczema home treatment may consist of taking oatmeal baths, slathering the skin with emollients, and creating herbal essential oil concoctions, but if the environment in the home is out of whack, your efforts may prove to be futile.  The best eczema treatment is getting rid of irritants before they can do your skin harm.  Any eczema sufferer must live in a clean, moist environment to keep breakouts at bay.  So put down that tube of lotion and discover the four steps you can take to help “eczema-proof” your home.

Eczema Home Treatment Four Simple Steps for “Eczema-Proofing” Your Home

Adjust Your Thermostat…

One of the most important eczema home treatments is maintaining the right temperature.  Believe it or not, the temperature in your home may be the cause of some of those annoying flare-ups.  If your home is too hot, you may find yourself sweating too much, which may lead to a break out. Air that is too cold coupled with low humidity can dry out your skin. So your goal is to achieve the perfect temperature.  Observe how the temperatures may be affecting your skin.  If you find that warm temperatures contribute to outbreaks, keep your home moist and cool.  If cold air is the culprit, keep the temperature at a warm, comfortable level.  Finding the perfect balance of your home’s temperature may take some trial and error, but mastering it can ultimately bring you much needed relief.

Keep The Air Moist…

You probably already know the importance of keeping the body hydrated from the inside out by drinking water and moisturizing throughout the day. But if the air in your house is too dry, it may be sucking all of that moisture right out of your skin. You can easily remedy this by investing in a humidifier.  A humidifier will combat the effects of dry air.  But beware, too much of a good thing can be bad if you’re not careful. Humidity levels should remain with 30%-50% range; high humidity levels can create allergen problems in the home by providing the perfect humid environment for dust mites.  Mold and mildew can also grow easily in a high humidity, unventilated home.  You should also make sure to keep your unit cleaned and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Clear The Air…

In addition to keeping the air moist with a humidifier, you may also want to invest in a quality air purifier with a HEPA filter.  Purifiers are designed to filter allergens such as dust, pollen mold, bacteria, and pet dander.  Coupling an air purifier with a humidifier is helpful at keeping your skin moist as it filters allergens out of the air.  Keeping your air moist and allergen free is an easy and effective eczema remedy.

Install a Shower Filter

Did you know that filtering your shower water is just as, if not more important than filtering your drinking water?  Having a shower water filter is an absolutely essential treatment for eczema.  The nasty contaminants and chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines may prove to be too much for your skin to bear.  During warm showers the pores in the skin opens up and becomes absorbent like a sponge.  Chlorine is also to be unstable hot water, evaporating out of the water and being inhaled into the lungs. So these chemicals are not only drying out your skin, but also causes an imbalance inside of the body that can be irritating to your condition.

Not all shower filters are created equal. KDF filters are the most common filtration medium, but some models are not very effective in removing chlormine.  Some filters are only good at removing chemicals in cold water. In fact, the best shower filters for removing both chlorine and chloramine are Vitamin C shower filters. These are available as shower heads with replacement filters or multi-use shower filters.

So, there you have it: the best home treatment for eczema is actually treating the home.  Making sure your home has the right temperature, clean and moist air, and filtered water can make a world of a difference in your skin.

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