How to keep eczema skin moisturized

Maintaining healthy, well nourished skin with sufficient moisture content is the best way to get eczema relief. In fact, moisture is the foundation for relieving eczema symptoms. Natural moisture in the skin prevents it from becoming broken or injured easily. In eczema patients, avoiding breaks in the skin is important to minimizing chances of bacterial and viral infections.

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How can you keep the skin well moisturized for eczema relief?

Consuming sufficient water and using emollients is a good start. Adding emollients to bath water can help the skin retain moisture. Many people find considerable eczema relief including decreased itchiness by using emollients.

Eczema patients should avoid soaking in a hot bath or standing under a hot shower for extended periods of time. They should use only lukewarm water or cool water for bathing and spend only a short amount of time in the water.

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Persons in some occupations have their hands come into constant contact with water. This is the case with window washers, some maintenance workers, cleaning persons and cooks, among others. If you happen to be an eczema patient involved in such occupations, it is advisable to wear rubber or vinyl gloves when the hands come into contact with water.

Both rubber and vinyl gloves cause the hands to sweat when used for an extended period of time. Sweating can worsen eczema symptoms considerably. To avoid this problem, wear a thin pair of cotton gloves underneath the rubber gloves. Cotton is excellent for sweat absorption. It is also the best clothing material for eczema patients to use next to their skin.

moisturizing the skin for eczema

Using the right kind of soap or cleanser is important for eczema relief. There are soaps labeled “for sensitive skin” and they are usually good for eczema patients. In general, use mild soaps such as Neutrogena and Dove. Non-soap cleansers like Cetaphil are good choices as well. Sorbolene cream is another useful product; it avoids washing natural oils out of the skin.

In addition to using emollient oil in the bath, use an emollient moisturizer after a bath. Emollients in general a help retain moisture and keep the skin supple.

Here is a very important tip for eczema relief – apply a moisturizer shortly after stepping out of the bath or shower. This will help to lock in the moisture that is present on the skin after a bath. That is why eczema patients are advised to use a moisturizer while the skin is still damp. Done regularly, this practice can help minimize eczema flare ups.

There are a number of eczema moisturizers available today. Examples include Emu Oil, Vaseline, Moisturel, Alpha Keri, Aquaphor, Lubriderm and Curel. Consistently moisturizing the skin is of critical importance for eczema relief. Make it a habit to use moisturizer in the morning before going to work and in the evening before turning in. If necessary, use moisturizer in between as well.

Oatmeal baths are an excellent way to keep the skin adequately moisturized and prevent breakouts. It was possible to make your own oatmeal bath from porridge oats. Aveeno is also a great choice for an oatmeal bath. A lotion that combines oatmeal and coca butter is also a useful alternative. Adding a small quantity of shea butter to it will help provide eczema relief.

Use some of these eczema relief tips and you should be able to control your symptoms much better

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