How to treat eczema at home ?

Eczema is a skin condition that requires meticulous care and attention. That being said, once you have a system in place where you are looking after your skin, it becomes second nature and you can get on with living your life. Here we will be looking at how to treat eczema at home and what you should be doing to maintain the health of your skin.

The very nature of eczema means that the skin is very dry and sensitive. Due to this, clothing must be soft and gentle on the skin. The best material to use for clothing if you have eczema, is cotton. This really is the only material you can be sure won’t exacerbate or bring on an attack of eczema. Of course other materials may be worn but try to avoid wearing them directly next to the skin.

Next, you should be looking at what you use to wash your clothes. Research shows that many cases of eczema are brought about by washing powder, so try to make sure to use a non-biological washing powder, or even better, an organic washing powder.

Moving from clothing to toiletries and beauty products. Eczema does not fare well with perfumed products so if you are using heavily perfumed skin moisturizers you probably suffer irritation due to this. Instead, opt for dermatological skin creams that have been tested as allergy proof. If your skin cream causes any irritation whatsoever whether it is just after application or later, then you should change your cream – you are allergic to the ingredients.

Finally, what we eat is very important in terms of how to treat eczema at home and in general, the well-being of our skin and again, even more so for those with eczema. If you find that your skin seems to flare up for no apparent reason and you are wearing cotton clothes and looking after you skin in every other way, the chances are, your skin is responding badly to something you have eaten.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to ascertain exactly what is causing the allergy, however, there are common foods and drinks that cause eczema including, alcohol (due to the inclusion of sulphites) and foods containing artificial colors and preservatives.

Of course there are many others and to understand what is causing your eczema, you will have to do this by process of elimination. Begin by eating only simple, natural foods such as chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables for a period of time, then slowly introduce more and more food types very gradually, all the while closely monitoring your skin.

After introducing each new food, wait a few days before introducing the next food to minimize the risk of error.

Eventually, you will begin to discover what causes your skin to flare and which foods are benign. After elminating the offending foods from your diet, you should see a marked improvement in your eczema

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