Nummular Dermatitis with Reaction – Unknown Type of Dermatitis

If you don’t know that actually dermatitis has numerous types, no wonder that you never heard about nummular dermatitis with reaction. People will name one type of dermatitis from the appearance and the place which they used to be appears. Nummular dermatitis with reaction is known with its coin shaped nature which usually appears on the arms and legs of a person.

Nummular dermatitis with reaction is regarded as an unusual type of dermatitis as it only affects two out of one thousand people. The frequency of happening is also higher in males than in females. All races can be affected with this disease; and similarly to other dermatitis, its main indication is pruritus.

Nummular dermatitis

Multifactorial Causes of Nummular dermatitis with reaction

Nummular dermatitis with reaction has many different generating factors. Although its exact causes are still mysterious, there are some factors which prompt the onset of the skin disorder. One of the factors is if there is a deficiency of blood surge to distal areas, nummular dermatitis with reaction has more likely to come out.

Nummular dermatitis with reaction can happen particularly to patients with multiple varicosities and edema. Local trauma to the skin may also trigger to the occurrence of this skin disorder including abrasion in the skin, chemical erosion of the skin, and insect bites.

People who have very dry skin are also more likely to catch nummular dermatitis with reaction. Studies also show that patients undergoing interferon therapy as a form of treatment to Hepatitis C become vulnerable to the disease. The aforementioned causes are only the few of the various factors which trigger the onset of this skin disorder.

Nummular Dermatitis

Activities to Lessen Nummular Dermatitis with Reaction

There are a number of actions which can begin the reversion of nummular dermatitis with reaction for the example are staying in a hot environment since it will aggravate the skin itch, and a dry skin can effect to advance the skin flaking.

To reduce the onset of the skin inflammation, here are some ways to help you lessen the situation. First things that you can do are to stay in a cool environment. Then activities which will heat the body up must be avoided but on the other hand, exposure to sunlight has verified to be very helpful. Appropriate rest and hydration should be done.

Nummular Dermatitis with Reaction: The Recovery

The recovery phase focuses on rehydrating the skin, eating or application of drugs, and decrease of inflammation through some given treatments. The most effective way to rehydrating the skin is by taking a warm soak bath for twenty minutes. Experts say that this type of bath has shown a great enhancement in patients who suffer from nummular dermatitis with reaction. Application of moisturizers after a bath and while the skin is still damp has also confirmed to be an effective treatment in this case.

Treating nummular dermatitis with reaction should be followed by taking some medications including oral antihistamines, oral antibiotics, and topical steroids. The inflammation can be ease by the usage of tar preparations and petroleum jelly. Those who got this skin disorder should practice these steps with a great deal of patience. Nummular dermatitis with reaction is can be diminished by following these simple steps.

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