Stasis Dermatitis Treatment Options

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The condition referred to as, stasis dermatitis is a chronic skin irritation that is brought on by a lack of circulation (or venous insufficiency). When the blood in the body isn’t circulating properly, this causes excess fluid to build up inside the body, making it difficult for the blood to get rid of waste and preventing the blood from providing nourishment to the cells. When this happens, the skin tissue becomes more delicate and lacks the nourishment that it needs. This condition is primarily found on the legs (near the ankles), but the rash can be found on the arms, as well. The reason that this condition spreads to the ankles is because the tissue tends to be weaker in that area.

Stasis dermatitis on leg

Symptoms of this condition include, darker skin on the legs or ankles, leg pain, open sores or ulcers, thinning of the skin, skin irritation on the legs, red skin spots, lesions on the skin, swelling (typically concentrated around the legs or ankles, and thickening of the skin on the legs and ankles. If you are concerned that you or someone you know may have this disease, it’s a good idea to look at venous stasis dermatitis pictures to make a more accurate comparison. Other common medical conditions that might be easily confused with this condition include varicose veins, congestive heart failure, and other problems, which can cause swelling of the arms and legs.

Dermatitis treatment is performed in two phases including treating the irritation and treating the circulation problem that originally caused the condition. The skin irritation can be treated by a licensed Dermatologist, while doctors that handle heart issues (like a cardiologist or internist) will provide treatment to correct the root of the problem by helping to regulate the poor circulation issues. Your doctor may run tests to further investigate the level of circulation in the legs.

Treatment chronic restasis dermatitis consists of surgery to remove the varicose veins that may be causing the poor circulation, prescribing heart medications to promote healthier function of the heart, or diuretics that assist in removing excess liquid. It might be a good idea to wear stockings made from elastic, which improves circulation to the legs and reduces swelling. After the swelling has gone down, circulation should begin to resume to a normal level.

Skin treatments might require wet dressing along with topical antibiotics to promote healing of the infection and helps to control open ulcers. It’s important to clean the skin around the infected area, regularly.

While this condition is a chronic condition (meaning long-term), there are treatment options available that may soothe the irritation and the swelling. There are a few potential complications including, chronic leg ulcers, bacterial skin infections, infection of the bone, and may result in a permanent scar.

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