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Three Natural Eczema Creams of the Crop

The problem with most eczema creams available is that they often come with negative side effects.  If you use topical corticosteroids for a long period of type, you risk skin thinning and increased sensitivity.  Other moisturizing lotions and creams may have fragrance or other chemicals that may cause adverse allergic reactions.  Luckily, there are some natural eczema skin creams available that can help nourish the skin, fight bacteria, and reduce eczema scarring without the side effects!

Active Manuka Honey Cream

Manuka honey is quickly gaining a reputation for its powerful healing properties that are effective in treating eczema. Manuka honey contains strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that fight bacteria and eliminate infection. In addition, this powerful honey can heal damaged skin, regenerate skin cells, eliminate dry patches formed by eczema, and reduce inflamed skin. Manuka honey is native to a New Zealand tree.

Active Manuka Honey Cream is skin moisturizer made in New Zealand.  This cream is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that is safe even for sensitive skin.  Here are some other reasons why Active Manuka Honey is a great cream for eczema:

  • No fragrance
  • All natural ingredients, no need to worry about harsh chemicals
  • Contains antioxidants to keep the skin looking young
  • Effectively fights bacteria, and is comparable (or better!) to steroid creams without the side effects.


Florasone is a natural homeopathic cream that is the first natural alternative to cortisone creams introduced in the United States. Florasone’s active ingredient is 10% tincture of Cardiospermum. Cardiospermum is a flowering tropical vine that has anti-inflammatory properties. This plant has be used as medicine in Africa and India for centuries. Florasone is a one of the best eczema treatment creams because it:

  • Is effective at relieving itching and inflammation
  • Absorbs quickly and  is Non Greasy
  • Is an Alternative to corticosteroid creams that can be used for the long-term
  • Is Clinically proven to be effective.

ClearSkin-E Cream

Natural (not synthetic) vitamin E has been used to treat eczema because of its ability to repair dry, cracked skin. Vitamin E oil also helps to promote and support healthy skin cells.

ClearSkin-E Cream is a vitamin E based cream that moisturizes and soothes the skin. In addition to vitamin E, the cream also has other eczema fighting ingredients such as neem, licorice, and chickweed. These are the reasons why ClearSkin-E is an ideal eczema cream:

  • All natural ingredients. You won’t find any harmful petrochemicals, parabens, or sulfates in this tube!
  • Moisturizes and softens the skin
  • Gentle enough for all ages
  • Maintains overall skin health


You don’t always have to resort to using creams that have negative side effects.  Any of the three creams of eczema will prove to be superior.

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