Treating Eczema Can Actually Do You Harm

Like many other diseases and conditions, one would think that eczema is a condition you can go to the doctor for and get yourself healed after taking the prescribed medicine but research shows that it is not so. Prescription only digs the hole deeper. The regular prescription creams don’t really take the problem away. Soon enough the itching comes back and the medicines suddenly start to stop working. The more the itching, the more the more the medicines, the more they fail and we are stuck still scratching away.

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The reason these treatments don’t work is because they don’t address the real problem of the issue which is the fact that the immunity of the body is so low. In such a case, the things that cause eczema will continue to come back and itch and make you scratch. Also, it is mostly genetic. More importantly, the causers are a whole lot of things like weather, detergents, food and such.

The issues with the present mainstream medicine methods used is manifold. The antibiotics kill the flora, which are in the intestines. Corticosteroids drastically pull down the body’s ability to fight off infection and to make it worse they even make it very hard for the body to heal if it has an infection. Antihistamines work for the first time and then onwards they direct the body to stop responding to it. Then on, administering them is a waste. The UV Light Therapy used in extreme cases of eczema only causes skin cancer and sun damage. Tar treatments almost have the same effects directly increasing skin irritation.

Treating Eczema Can Actually Do You Harm

The only true long term solution is that which complements these treatments with natural solutions. The natural methods while they increase the immunity of your body, they naturally also decrease the amount of irritation your body feels when in contact with environmental factors. This also done as a regular treatment can reduce symptoms.

To naturally increase your immunity, there are absolutely simple things that you can do:

1) You must drink lots of water

2) Do not stress yourself (physically, mentally and emotionally)

3) Make changes such that you keep your skin more moist. Use a moisturizer or even shower more than once a day so that your skin stays moist for longer.

4) Remove all chemical influences that make your skin react unfavourably.

5) Use only hypoallergenic substances on your skin that are non toxic

6) Make sure you eat only food that has been cut up and cooked at home. Processed food poses a danger to your immunity.

7) There are a whole load of home remedies that can easily help you do a lot better with your eczema.

8) Any day, herbal treatments are preferred because they have no side effects and they do a better over all good to your body and its system.
So, it works two ways. When Eczema takes its toll, you need treatment to kill it but you also need to strengthen your immunity so that it does not happen again.

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