Treatment for Perioral Dermatitis

There is a perioral dermatitis treatment! The good news is that treatments can take time to work, and you may have to use a variety of treatments.  But if you ignore this, without treatment if could take months to years to clear up.

It is important that the use of any and all suspected products be discontinued immediately. This could include creams, ointments, or cosmetics. If a topical steroid was previously used, any rash may get worse before it gets better. Washing your face with water only is the best choice, going forward. It might be a good idea to stop using any toothpastes containing fluoride.

perioral dermatitis on woman mouth

Prescription medication is sometimes provided by physicians. An antibiotic round of 6 to 12 weeks is typical. Be sure to follow instructions as directed by your physician, and to complete the prescribed medication fully even if your condition appears to be fully healed. Some medications used to treat perioral dermatitis should not be used by women who are pregnant, or who intend to get pregnant soon. Be sure to notify your physician if this applies to you.

Once your face is clear of perioral dermatitis, be sure to re-evaluate your choice of product that comes in contact with your face. Creams, ointments, cosmetics, soaps. perioral dermatitis can return if problem products are used again.

Stop Touching Your Face

Stop using all face creams, sunscreens or any other facial cosmetics

Some cases have shown perioral dermatitis starting from the use of face creams.  Check the labels on your creams, as ingredients in products change often.  Switch to a liquid or gel-based cream.

Important Note
Do NOT use a topical steroid cream!

A steroid cream can cause the inflammation to spread.

Wash your face !

Wash your face with cold water and a liquid cleanser. Suggested face cleanser include Cetaphil and Spectro Jel.  Refrain from using soap on your face.

aveeno and cetaphil

Fluoride and SLS products

As described as one of the known causes for perioral dermatitis, stop using products which contain fluoride and SLS.  Fluoride and SLS are known as skin irritants. Chose a fluoride-free toothpaste or neem toothpaste.

Antibiotics & Creams

In milder-severe cases, an oral antibiotic is prescribed for 6-12 weeks. Most often Doxycycline or tetracycline is prescribed. It may take a while to notice any improvement, but stay the course.

A topical solution can include metronidazole gel, pimecrolimus cream and azelaic acid preparations.

Pimecrolimus cream works to reduce perioral dermatitis that has resulted of putting topical steroid creams on your face.

Oral isotretinoin may be used in cases that don’t respond to other treatments. Isotretinoin should not taken by women who are pregnant or who plan to become pregnant.

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