Where Does Eczema Come From?

There is no real proved reason for the occurrence of eczema. There is research certainly showing that it is lack of an immune system driven and that it is distinctly related to allergies. The same research shows us that it is not the same thing as an allergy. The similarity comes because of the immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies presence. The research done has showed that people who suffer with eczema have the IgE antibodies which are produced as a result of allergies. So far the known reason for Eczema is Allergen.

immunoglobulin E

Commonly named the trigger, eczema is largely caused by the allergen. Regardless of how long the allergen has been in touch with the body, eczema starts reacting to it on first contact and even faster on constant contact with the skin. This allergen largely includes jewelry, gloves, creams, variant weather, dust, stress (mental or emotional), rubbing, scratching, touching certain kinds of food and detergents are from among the common some that make the list. Some of these allergens are very uncontrollable like the weather, dust, pollutants etc.

Skin Contact Dermatitis

It could also come from diseases that are known to precede like an allergy, hay fever or asthma. It coiuld also very well come from the genetically inherited diseases. Sometimes, it suddenly flares up because of ill health, excess stress (both physical and mental) and contact with allergens.


Regardless of where this comes from, we must be aware of all these factors so that we can understand why we get these reactions. Staying away from any situation that causes eczema to occur will help bring the occurrences down. That is very difficult especially if the allergen is something that we like. In cases when the allergen is uncontrollable, it is suggested to carry medication for the eczema so that if it and when it flares up, it does not affect you.

An eczema occurrence can make one feel very uncomfortable especially when it happens in the most uncomfortable of situations. And it can also be very awkward too. Sometimes if you know that you have the chance of having to undergo an eczema occurrence because of having to be out all day surrounded by polluted air or even out in the sun which will make you sweat. Sometimes if the eczema seems to persist, then you must consult a physician on the matter and see to it that things don’t get out of hand. There is emergency medication in the form of injections that take care of your eczema outburst that your medicines prescribed can’t take care of. Another suggestion is to consult a doctor for medication that can be taken every day preferably when you start your day regardless of whether you will be exposing yourself to allergen or not. It avoids sudden outbursts and makes life a whole lot easier. It is one of the best ways to avoid an out of the blue eczema attack. Either way, you must have your emergency medication with you.

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